Thursday, 24 November 2011

just about me

Hello, just thought I would tell you a bit about me, and why I have set up this blog.
I have been disabled with rheumatoid arthritis since 2004, and had to give up work [nobody wants a hairdresser whose hands don't work properly - wafting really sharp scissors round your ears- and who can't stand up for long], so eventually I started cardmaking, I have always liked all things crafty, eg knitting, crochet, cross stitch and anything papercrafty.
The JAKS and Gill'S comes from my family, my daughters are Jane, Angela, Kate and Sarah, I am Gill and my wonderful hubby is Stuart.
My girls are not in that order but JAKS was the only way I could make a word out of the initials. I now have some lovely grandchildren Sarah has Abigail, Angela has  Bradley and Paige, Jane has Cameron and Alice and Kate [my baby] has Scarlett and Summer.
A couple of years ago I was talking to Jane [whose son Cameron is autistic and goes to a special needs school] and she was saying that the PSA at school buy a birthday card for each child at the school, so I offered to make them for the school and put the child's name and age on it. The PSA thought this would be lovely for the children, and said they would buy the card blanks for me to use [as they would have been paying for the shop bought cards] so that is how all this started.
I now do some card stalls at the schools fayres etc and all the profit I make I donate to Ganton Special School, Hull.
One mother said to me that when the postman brought their post on her son's birthday he was thrilled to bits as he opened his cards, and shouted out "it says  Michael on this card and that is my name , and it says 17 and I am today, and look mum, there is a ship on the front and my daddy is captain of a ship!!"
So now maybe you will see why I have started this blog so that anyone who would like to buy one of my cards can see the sort of thing I do.I never do the same card twice so all are individual and unique
I love doing anything along these lines and am happy to be able to help out my grandsons school.

hoping that some of you will like what you see on here, I will not go into a lot of details about how I make them, but will try to put as many as possible for you all to see.

Hoping you will enjoy having a little peek at what I spend my time doing.

Many thanks

It was pure luck that I had put a ship on the front, but I was so pleased that he liked it.


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