Tuesday, 12 May 2015

for the attention of Irene

not just Irene, but anyone who would like to know how to make the pop up box card

this is the one from my demo at Bradford on saturday made using the folk owl collection.

score an A4 piece of card at 11.5 cm down the long side, then score from this crease on the slightly longer section at 7, 14, 21 and 28 cm and mark the top smaller section as shown below.

withe the smaller section at the top, cut down the marks to the long crease across and remove the top section of the tab bit as shown.

you will need 3 different papers, mine are A - birdcage B - pink and C flowers
so cut A 1 piece 20.3 x 6.  1 piece 11 x 6.5 and 2 at 9 x 6.5
cut B 1 piece 20.3,  1 at  11 x 6.5 and 2 at 9 x 6.5
cut C 3 pieces 11 x 6.5 and 2 at 9 x 6.5

place these papers as shown below making sure your card is the same way as mine, and the 
3 small pieces have to be upside down [ if your papers have a right way up] I purposely chose papers to show this, because when your box is made these 3 pieces fall outwards, and you cant have a bird in a cage falling off his perch 'cos he is upside down! 

next turn your page over so the tab is at the right, and place your papers as shown below. It looks as though you have got it wrong 'cos there are 3 of A card all next to each other, but when finished they will all be right.

fold along the  crease between the 3 short and medium pieces, do not fold the one with the long piece of card - this stays upright.
put double sided strong tape on the tab at the right then fold card in half and adhere,

now cut 3 strips of card 2 cm deep and 9 cm long, fold 1cm at each end making a zig zag shape and adhere to the inside of your box closing the box each time to make sure it folds flat. I did mine in green so you can see them.

next cut 1 cm strips of card to varying lengths and adhere at angles to the inside strips [the green ones]

now decorate as you wish

this is the back of the folded card, so place a tag or some such for writing on at the bottom of the upright section.

I put die cut flowers on the side flaps

a sentiment with a bow on the front,

and hey presto you have your finished pop up box card!!!

hope you like it.


Josie said...

A great tutorial for a stunning box!

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